The Story Behind Commfix

Commfix was founded in the Sunshine Coast Australia in 2009 after realising that there was a huge problem with Australia’s ‘slow’ service industry. 
Owner, Tony McMahon got cracking and ‘Commfix’ was born; an iPhone/iPad & Mobile Device Repair Centre that provides instant service and repairs Australia Wide.

Commfix are inspired by helping our customers to reconnect with their lives again. We are 110% focused on being the Friendliest, Fastest & Best Quality iPhone/iPad & iPod Repairers in Australia. You only have to have a read of our Testimonials or check out our Facebook to see our glowing reviews and thousands of satisfied customers, Which include the likes of Universities, Hospitals, Schools, Construction Companies, Mining Companies and many more.

The bottom line is, We know what our customers want and we give it to them.